Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Wedding Anniversary

I had promised my fellow bloggers about my anniversary post. So, here it is.Where shall I begin???

Ok, we met in June 1998 at a computer institute. Actually, all my friends had joined in another institute while my mom compelled me to join this particular one only, as it was on the way to her work place. I went into that institute thinking of all the possible reasons to get out of it. At that time, there was restricted lab hours in some institute. So, I picked that as a reason and asked my counsellor if they follow that rule.

All of a sudden, I heard a voice and a person who was facing the other side turn to me and say that they have unlimited lab hours. Yes, it was my hubby. At that time, I was so pissed and thought who is this nut to spoil all my plans. He was the pricipal of that center and he spoke to my mom in such a way that I was enrolled then and there. (This is what they call as fate I guess!!!)

Months later we proposed. Our parents came to know about it. "B" & me had to convince them. It took a little effort though. Finally they agreed and we got married on Sep 10th 2000.

I wish to mention an incident that took place during our wedding. When the time came to tie the knot, "B" was not sure what to do. He held the 'thali' (mangal sutra) in his hand and was blinking. People started putting flowers and rice on us to give their blessings. Still, "B" was wondering if that was the right time. I gave him a short lecture about tying thalis and asked him to do it soon. I even bent my head twice or thirce asking him to tie the knot. All my relatives made fun of me that "B" was having second thoughts about getting married to me and that I forced him. Atlast, my 'tubelight' hubby tied the knot.

After that, I came to US the next month and started my life here. Seven years has passed by. Do you want to know how we are now???We are getting along ok. Happy and contended. So much has changed. We don't have the same prefernces anymore. We differ in almost everything. He is a perfectionist and I'm careless to the core.(opposite poles attract :)) ) I hate it when he gives me long lectures( the gift of marrying my pricipal) and catches me red handed for gobbling up all the chocolates and ice cream. He never apologises for his mistakes. Everytime he would talk in such a way that I would feel guilty that I did something wrong even though it would have been his mistake.

Anyway, in the end I'll be the one who compromises as I cannot be without talking to him for more than an hour. That's b'coz afterall ,he is the one who chiseles me as well as shieldes me in all my difficult times. By this I don't mean to say that he should be my hubby in my next birth also. All I wish is ... to be with him in my next birth also only if we get our roles switched. (so that I can be the dominant one).

As our anniversary was on monday we celebrated on sep 9th as well as it was our reception day.

Here is the menu:

Vegetable biryani

shrimp saute

fish fry

onion raitha and

carrot kosambari.

On sep 10th we were supposed to go to temple. But as "B" was late we went straight for dinner at Ippolitis. We had Garlic rolls, garden salad,Grilled chicken & spinach cannelloni and chicken& shrimp cavatelli. For dessert we had ice cream at home.Here are the pictures.

With this I come to an end .Once again guys...I'm not a great writer, infact a lousy one. I'm really sorry guys if that was too much info. I'm not a good editor...did not know where to cut. Just wrote whatever I felt. So, please bear with me for pouring out everything. BYE BYE!!!

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