Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pista Pal Khova

Milk sweets are one of my favorites. This sweet 'pal khova' requires a lot of patience. But the end result is really worth it. Usually, pal khova can be eaten as it is. But here I used some pista nuts which I added to the khova just before itwas done. I have to say.... it tasted AWESOME. The milk, sugar, nuts made an excellent combination. Got to try it to experience the taste.

Milk- 1/2 lt
sugar- as required
Pista- 2 tsp (chopped)
saffron- for garnish
Patience- tons

Heat milk on medium to high flame until the milk reduces to 1/4th stage. Add sugar and continue to cook until the khova starts to leave the sides of pan. add 1 tsp ghee and nuts . stir well. Remove from pan and pour in cup. Garnish as desired.

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