Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here I am with more smiles. Yes, one more Award from my new friend Sobila. Thank you so much for encouraging me. I'm not sure if I'm worthy enough for this award. But my heartfelt thanks to you for remembering me and sending me one. So, here is one more dessert item for everyone to enjoy.
Today it is adhirasam. In my childhood days I used to eat the batter as it is even before frying it up. This sweet dish brings me memories of a prank I played on my cousin. This is what that happened. Everytime I got an adhirasam to eat, my cousin would tap my head and take it off from me. As he was older I was scared to speak against him . So, I let go 4 of my adhirasams. After that, I lost patience. So, the next time I put some tamarind in between 2 adhirasams. As usual he grabbed that also. Then....You should have guessed it. He spit out everything and started chasing me. Ha ha ha...See how crooked I've been.
Ok let's get going to the dish. Actually, I did not make this sweet. My MIL made this during my India trip. I wanted to take more step-by-step pictures but I missed a few steps. So, here is what I got for all of you.

Raw rice - 1/2 kg
Jaggery- 1/4 kg
elachi- 4 or 5
sukku- little
oil- for deep frying

Soak rice for 2 hrs in water. After that ,decan all the water and dry it on a clean towel for sometime. The rice should not become completely dry. After that grind the rice in a mixie. The end product must be 95% smooth powder and 5% coarse powder. Sieve this powder and get the flour ready for adding jaggery syrup.

For the jaggery syrup, add 2 tsp water with the jaggery and keep boiling it for sometime. You have to switch off the gas just before the string stage (kambi padham). Decan the jaggery syrup if there are any dust particles in it. Then add sukku powder and elachi powder. cool it for sometime.

Then add it to the rice flour little by little. Keep stirring constantly until you don't see any white flour left. Jaggery syrup can be added as per taste. The consistency should not be too thick as the jaggery will thicken when it is completely cooled. Allow it to cool completely. When you are ready , take a small scoop of the jaggery rice flour .

Oil your palms and make a ball with the flour. Then flatten it on a ziploc bag. Here my MIL used banana leaf. Carefully remove it from the leaf and deep fry until you get the dark color. You can take it a little earlier too if you want it that way. Drain the adhirasam's on a tissue paper. Now it is ready to eat hot or cold. You can store it outside for more than a week without refrigeration.

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