Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Seem Pal

Hi Friends,
wondering why I'm here before Sep 6th? Actually, I came home a week back. My vacation kinda ended short. Due to some official work my hubby rescheduled my tickets and within 5 days of notice I got ready to leave. After coming back, I felt very home-sick and moody. Anyway, I just got out of it and I'm slowly getting used to my routines.

Oh my! Oh my! How many posts have I missed? Great to see my friends (asha, viji, sia, prema, indosungod, bharathy, mandira, richa, Inji pennu, sharmi and sukanya) holding awards. HEARTY CONGRATS to all of them.

I was also thrilled to see an award waiting for me . It was really sooo sweet of Richa to pass me on the "Rockin Girl Blogger" award. Thanks Richa, you really lifted my spirits and gave me such an encouragement. I have no words to say except, "THANKS" again.
I would like to pass this award to my other friends too. You guys rock too!!!

Aruna- Mistress of spice
Chandrika- Akshayapatra
Chinni- Andhra Kitchen
Pravs-Simply Spicy
Revathi-En Ulagam
Seema- Recipe Junction
Suma- veggie platter
Sukanya- hot and sweet bowl
Sumitha- kitchen wonders
Trupti- spice who loved me
Surya Hith-Healthy n Spicy

Although some of my fellow bloggers have already won these awards, I really want to give the "Inspirational Blogger Award" to:
Asha of Foodie's hope
Richa of As dear as salt
Inji Pennu
Sia of spice corner and
Prema of My cookbook

Thank You gals for everything. I hold a place in blogsphere b'coz of you guys. I also want to take this opportunity to thank my blog visitors who leave kind comments and encourage me more & more. A big thanks again.

Ok Ok. Now it's party time. Let's celebrate with a sweet dish called SeemPal.
Wondering what kind of name this is? Actually, it is the the milk that the cow lactates for atleast 3 days after the calf is born.
This milk is high in protien and has tons of nutrients in it.
It is similar to the colostrum. I used to have this often in my childhood.
Lucky me, I got a chance to have this dish again during my India trip.

This dish looks and tastes like flan but it has no eggs in it.
It is steam cooked and can be eaten hot or cold. But most of the people like it chilled. Me too. So, here is the recipe.

seempal- 1 lt
sukku- 2gm
elachi- 1
cow's milk- 400ml
jaggery- 1/2kg

Heat jaggery with very little water , decan it and use it according to taste. Mix this with seempal, cow's milk, elachi and sukku. Pour this mixture into a vessel till it reachesthe 3/4 th level. Careful not the pour the mixture upto the brim , as the milk will come up during the steaming process. Keep this vessel in the cooker with some water in it. Cook for one whistle. When the pressure is gone you can take it out, rest for 5 to 10 mins and start making slices. I used a ice-cream scoop for my plate. It tastes heavenly when it is chilled for atleast 6 hours.
Here is the bottom view of seempal. You can slice-off the bottom portion if you don't want the sukku and elachi in your mouth. Enjoy!!!!

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Ashokkumar P said...

Whether a breast feeding mother can take seem pal? Will it affect the baby in anyway? Baby is just six months old