Wednesday, March 12, 2008


If I have to choose one dessert that I love next to chocolate, then that it would be Basandhi. After coming to U.S, it was my friend Nandhini who used to prepare this sweet for me. But after her delivery I really couldn't disturb her. So, I had been longing for this a very long time.

Atlast, when I went to India I tried to get it from krishna sweets ,but they were always out of stock. Finally, my perima took pity on me and made me this awesome sweet. Oh! what can I say....It was lip smacking good. Before I could take a picture everyone grabbed their cups and took off. Atlast, I managed to get hold of my sister's cup and here it is the cup of basandhi I enjoyed every bite.

Whole milk- 1 lt
sugar- 3/4 cup(as needed)
elachi- 2 (crushed)
Powdered nuts- optional
saffron- for garnish

Heat milk in a thick bottomed vessel. When it is completely heated up add required sugar, keep the flame on medium low and allow layers of fat to form on top. Keep on pushing the layers of fat aside gently. You have to keep on doing this until the milk reduces 70%. It requires a lot of patience to do this. But it's worth the effort. Finally, mix in the malai and garnish with nuts and saffron. You are in for a yummy treat.

This has been overdue for quiet sometime. Yes, it is my MeMe. Shobila had tagged me for this. I'm really sorry for taking such a long time. I promised a sweet dish with this meme , so I dedicate this basandhi for you.

1. I'm a bachelor degree holder, married and have a 3 year old son.
2. I learnt the basics of cooking from my hubby. But I have always enjoyed watching cook shows even when I was very little.
3. I'm an emotional person and can cry for just about anything.
4. I'm addicted to chocolates and love sweets. Although I'm a mom, my hubby always keeps a watch over me for eating sweets.
5. I'm a classical dancer, but now I don't dance much b'coz I'm scared that I would break the floor.
6.I love surfing the net and I don't realise the time flying by when I'm with my laptop. I get backlogged in my work b'coz of this and I hurry in the last minute to get things done before my hubby arrives.
7. Planning parties is my favorite thing to do. I love going to parties and hosting them as well.

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