Friday, March 7, 2008

Beans Parrupu Usili

Hi Guys, It's been a while since my last posting. Things are going hectic with my hubby's new job, planning for my son's b'day party, looking for a daycare,spring cleaning.... Phew! I'm sorry that I've been missing all your recent posts. will get back to routine soon.

Here is another simple curry to go with any rice dish and especially with sambar. I do not know the authenticity of this dish. I read in some cookbook that it is more popular in Andhra. But this dish has always been a regular in my household. It is mostly done with kothavarangai ,okra, beans or spring onions.

When I was young, my sister and me would want to eat only the dal and not the vegatable, so my mom used to fry the dal alone and mix it with white rice and ghee. This curry tastes great with plain curd or curd rice. My hubby who had never eaten this before marriage became a great fan of this dish later. Try it, I'm sure you will love it.

Beans- 1 cup(chopped)
onion- 1/2 (medium,chopped)
red chillies- 2
curry leaves-few
channa dal- 1/4 cup

Soak channa dal & red chilli(1) for 1 hr and grind it coarsley with salt.Boil beans with very little water & salt until half done. Heat oil in kadai and fry mustard seeds urad dal, red chilli. Then add channa dal and fry until raw smell goes. Now add beans and a pinch of turmeric. cook till done. Finally add curry leaves.

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