Friday, March 7, 2008

Chocolate cake by Kavin

My son's teacher Miss Susan had asked me to involve him in baking so that he will have fun with the flour and eggs. Initially I was a little hesitant as I myself have done baking just twice so far , and that too muffins only. But when I saw him making brownies with his teacher I decided to try doing cake atleast for my son's sake. Still, I didn't get convinced. Finally Kavin made the cake with his teacher and I watched. All that I did was helping Kavin in frosting & decorating the cake.This cake is on my blog to applaud my son's effort. Wondering why I'm bragging about my son so much? Yes...he is 3 years old and helps me in the kitchen. . I never did cooking until 22 years. So, I'm really proud of my son.

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