Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Masala Dosa

As the recipe for potato masala has already been blogged, I'm just giving the recipe for dosa. When I started to write the recipe for dosa batter I thought for a minute....Should I have to write how I made my first dosa batter? After that, would people really consider me a cook and come visit my blog? I'm not sure. But whenever my husband remembers that incident , he has a hearty laugh and loves to elaborate on my ignorance.So, here goes the story. My husband instructed me from office on soaking and grinding dosa batter. I followed his directions exactly. When he came home that night we went shopping , had dinner and went to bed. All of a sudden he remembered about the batter and asked for it. I took him to the kitchen to show what a good job I had done. But what happened was...He put a hand on his head and said "Enna ma panna?" , which means ' what have you done?'.Want to know what I did? I ground the rice and dal seperately and never mixed it together. I mixed salt with both , but they were in seperate containers. I kinda had a doubt when I did the grinding," How will I make one dosa with two batters?". But I just trusted my husband's words who thought I would know what to do if he just outlines the procedure. Ha Ha Ha.... Poor Guy. He never knew what he had gotten into.Finally he mixed both the batters and went to sleep hoping to get some dosas out of the catastrophe I made. And must I add... we ended up in having good dosas from that day onwards. THE END.

Idlli rice- 4 cups
whole urad dal- 1 cup
methi seeds- 1/2 tsp

Wash rice and urad dal seperately atleast 4 or 5 times.Soak them seperately overnight with adequate water. Add methi seeds to urad dal. The next day grind urad dal to butter stage adding water little by little. You can tell that the urad dal is done by touching it after dipping your hands in water. The batter should not stick. Remove urad dal batter from the grinder and pour in a vessel. Next grind rice to a little coarse and fine stage. I mean the batter should not be super fine . The little coarseness makes the dosa crispy. Remove rice batter and add to urad dal batter. Mix both with required salt and blend really really well. Allow it to ferment. The batter will rise after fermenting. Add water to make the batter in your desired consistency.For dosas you need a thinner batter than for idllis. Pour a laddle of batter on the Dosa tawa, spread it and add oil on the sides. After a few minutes turn it on to the other side. When done , Turn again and spread potato masala on one side. Bring the other side of dosa up and close the stuffing. Cook for another minute and serve with chutney.

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